Patient Testimonials

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One of our patients was kind enough to lend some insight into her experiences in getting used to her new hearing aids.

87 years young!
"This is why I love what I do."   
                    ~ Dr. Lisa Angelina ~
"Hearing has made my life a lot better."


"I'm hearing things now that I don't ever remember hearing. I can hear and I feel like a normal person."


                                    ~ Brian N. - Asheville, NC

"Dr. Angelina was amazing and made me feel so comfortable"

I had an appointment with Dr. Lisa Angelina and I went in very nervous. Dr. Lisa was amazing, and made me feel so comfortable. She explained everything she was doing, and made the appointment fun. I am so grateful for her time, patience, and thoroughness, and I highly recommend going to WNC Audiology. Thank you, my husband will be getting his hearing checked soon!!!

 ~Mary C.


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"I have been dealing with hearing problems  most of my life and have used hearing aids for several years as well. I can honestly say that since I got my new hearing aids from Dr. Angelina,  I have never enjoyed 'sound' so much.  Lisa took so much time with me making my hearing aids really work to my situation.  Now I am happy to say that I am truly enjoying  life in the hearing world. Without Lisa's patience and perseverance to make every effort to help me, I don't believe I would be hearing so well today."


  "Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


~ Shirley T. - Burnsville, NC




Life is better without... “excuse me, what did you say?” 


"I’ve had hearing problems since childhood. Infections have caused my loss of hearing to the point I couldn’t hear certain tones which led to missing words in conversations. I’ve had surgeries without much improvement and so my ear specialist suggested hearing aids. A few years ago I was introduced to Dr. Angelina for a hearing evaluation. Upon receiving my first hearing aids I could hear tones and words that I missed before. It’s great now to hear words clearly in a conversation and interact with people even in a crowd. I love hearing the sound of the ocean while seagulls are singing. That could not be done without hearing aids and wonderful new technology has made it possible to program my hearing aids to my individual hearing loss needs."


Life is better without... “excuse me, what did you say?” 


~ Bruce G.  - Alexander, NC




"Not hearing well has always contributed to a feeling of isolation and minor depression."


I felt uncomfortable around my coworkers because I could not hear conversations around me clearly. Since Dr. Angelina introduced me to my new hearing aids my self-confidence has shown a remarkable boost.


In general most people, my husband included, would grow weary of repeating themselves. They would often just not engage me in conversation because it was so awkward and I was growing tired of the  “She can’t hear you anyway” jokes. Talking on the phone was difficult to the point where I dreaded making calls.


I listen to many audio books and would always catch the earphone cord on things causing the buds to be torn from my ears and the iPhone to fly across the room. My old hearing aids would squeal whenever I would move my hand or arm near my ears or greet a friend with a hug. I would have to take Yoga or Pilates class without them and this would cause me to miss anything the instructor was saying. I would never watch tv because I could not understand what was being said.


Now my quality of life has improved considerably. I can participate in conversations at work and don’t feel as uncomfortable talking on the phone. The Bluetooth feature is my favorite.  I can walk freely around the house listening to my books and the TV as well. Though I prefer to read, I can now enjoy watching TV. It is really quite fun to be lost in my own audio world without anyone being aware of it since the hearing aids are not visible. Being able to adjust volume and scenes with the app is also nice."


                                    "Thank you again so much for improving my well being.  What a gift!"


                                                                                  ~ Ruth D. -  Black Mountain, NC