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Our Patient Reviews

My experience with WNC Hearing & Audiology is nothing more than EXCELLENT. Dr Lisa Angelina is one of the most caring persons I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Dr Wines is a new Audiologist and very nice and knowledgable also.
Dr. Angelina always goes the extra miles to make sure her patients are hearing well and COMPLETELY SATISFIED.

Sandy Lyman, 07/10/2021

Dr. Angelina is friendly and listens to you, and answers lots of questions. Patiently listens to concerns and shares info to alleviate concerns. Other staff are also very knowledgable about hearing aids and procedures as well as friendly and helpful I have been called several times with "we have a cancellation, would you like to come in sooner than your already scheduled appointment?" I appreciate the low key , comfortable way of this office as they help folks deal with hearing issues!

Kathie Johnston, 04/21/2021

I was able to get all of the information I needed to order hearing aids that were appropriate for helping me hear better. I just got a yearly checkup and her new audiology report has already been put to good effect by the hearing aid manufacturer who sent an upgrade to my hearing aids based on that report. I love modern technology.

Al Petteway, 05/12/2021

Dr. Angelina is a pro. She is technically competent and very knowledgable about the trending tech in hearing aids. She and her staff are very efficient and made me feel welcome. I am looking forward to my new hearing aids and the assurance of quality care from WNC Hearing and Audiology.

Dave Bokmiller, 06/04/2021

My appointment at WNC Hearing and Audiology went smoothly. The receptionist was pleasant and helpful. Lisa Angelina, the audiologist was ready to see me soon after I finished the check-in paperwork. She was nice and asked some questions and listened to me. There was no sense of being rushed. She explained each step of the testing process clearly. From this first visit, I recommend WNC Hearing and Audiology without hesitation.

Meredith McIntosh, 03/26/2021

I have been a patient of Dr. Angelina for a number of years and recently saw her for new hearing aides - the old ones died. The sensory deprivation I experienced in the time between old and new aides was very uncomfortable. As usual, Dr. Lisa examined my ears, gave me a hearing test, explained the results and prescribed hearing aides. Her care is always personal and professional. It's good to hear again and can't thank Dr. Lisa enough for her Knowledge and skill.

Harold.Maria Paulin, 03/14/2021

I was very pleased with the staff and professional treatment I received especially with Dr.Angelina. I look forward to continued service.

Ellen Taylor, 06/15/2021

Dr. Angelina was very caring, patient, and compassionate. She was willing to answer any questions. I highly recommend this practice.

Leslie Applewhite, 03/01/2021

The staff here is very compassionate, patient, and professional. I recommend this practice very highly.

Renee Park, 02/26/2021

Dr. Angelina did a great and thorough exam. I now have an updated audiology baseline that will be helpful for determining when I may need to progress to hearing aids.

Al Wehrsdorfer, 02/12/2021

Dr. Angelina is just exceptional. She is thorough, knowledgeable and kind. What a great combination. Highly recommend this practice.

Kathleen Blair, 01/14/2021

I had a hearing appointment today. I had bought a pair of hearing aids that took rechargeable batteries..each battery I as told was good for about a year...didn't turn out that way..batteries only lasted me 3 months at best..I had to keep going back for batteries at WNC..So going back this time for a hearing test I was told the battery company was out of business which meant the $300.00 I paid for the charger did me no good any more! I told Dr Angelina about because I couldn't afford and "upgrade" of another $1400.00...she told me since I couldn't do that at this time and I know she felt bad about me shelling out that kind of money for the charger she offered me $200.00 credit on my next set of hearing aids when I need them..she didn't have to do it but was grateful that she offered and I told her I would take it! Just hope she goes back on the company who originally talked her into getting this brand for her clients! Really like her and wish her good wishes ahead!

Pam Wallen, 09/08/2020

Excellent experience! Staff are warm and professional. Dr Angelina has 27 years of experience. She is warm and professional.

Marcia Bosworth, 09/10/2020

Just what one expects from a locally owned office. Personal care, great listening abilities and power to solve difficult problems. I definitely recommend.

Judy Swan, 08/15/2020

WNC Hearing & Audiology is a professional, first-class, competent, and friendly practice. They are knowledgeable, carry quality products, and have their client’s best interest at heart. I am very satisfied to be one of their patients and feel fortunate to have found them. Dr. Angelina runs a 5-star operation. You will not be disappointed with WNC Hearing & Audiology.

Jeff Greene, 03/15/2020

I'm very happy with the care and attention of Dr. Angelina. She has helped me tremendously in living with impaired hearing!

Kate Mathews, 03/20/2020

Dr. Angelina is truly an expert in her field. She has a natural warmth and caring nature that makes a huge difference in inpatient care. I highly recommend her, plus she has hearing aids that are very cool!

G C, 02/27/2020

Dr. Angeliina and her staff are very professional and well qualified to assure me that my hearing is their priority. Every time I'm there it's a warm and welcome experience.

Sue Shuford, 02/25/2020

Would like to share that I have had two tests done at wnc hearing and audiology and I must say they made me fell like I was at home very nice and friendly would recommend this office to anyone looking to have testing done. excellent work told me everything step by step before and as we were doing the test five stars all the way excellent service and will return for any further testing thank you so much

arbor tech jones, 02/23/2020

Dr. Angelina is kind thorough and compassionate. Highly Recommended!

Thomas Wolfe, 02/22/2020

I didn't realize how acute my hearing deficit was until I had the exam and used the trainer hearing aids. I had simply adapted to hearing loss, turned volume up louder, heard parts of conversations, wasn't even aware when someone was speaking to me from another room. The hearing aid prescription is to your specific needs. In my case, the left ear has a greater loss due to an injury than the right, so they are programmed to equal out reception and volume. The doctors and the staff are professional, polite and punctual. I highly recommend WNC Hearing and Audiology.

Bruce & Jackie Eikenberry, 02/20/2020

Hearing is so very important, and having good hearing can make a huge difference in your life. The team at WNC Hearing and Audiology are exceptional at what they do. Don't wait to have your hearing or a loved ones assessed by these professionals who can truly change your life!

Barbara Bowers, 01/26/2020

Lisa is a caring and super-competent professional. Anyone going to her and her team is very fortunate.

James Colvin, 01/25/2020

Dr. Angelina performed the best hearing test that I have ever had. She is very personable and takes plenty of time to do the test.

Paul Henze, 01/19/2020

WNC Hearing & Audiology is a professional, first-class, competent, and friendly practice. They are knowledgeable, carry quality products, and have their client’s best interest at heart. I am very satisfied to be one of their patients and feel fortunate to have found them. Dr. Angelina runs a 5-star operation. You will not be disappointed with WNC Hearing & Audiology.
Jeff Greene

jeffrey2711, 12/28/2019

Dr. Angelina is a true joy to work with, so personable and knowledgeable. I instantly trusted her and plan to go back regularly. She was very thorough and took her time with me, which I really appreciate from a top-notch doctor.

Linda Shew Wolf, 11/28/2019

I first met Dr. Angelina and her assistant Rose at WNC Hearing and Audiology 3 years ago when I was researching where I might want to purchase hearing aids. I had reached a point where I could not understand what others were saying to me, especially my wife. Dr. Angelina performed a diagnostic audiological evaluation and showed me the various types of hearing aids that would best suit my needs. She was not "pushy" when explaining the differences in each type and let me decide which type to purchase. My wife and I have been extremely pleased with the products and services that are provided by Dr. Angelina. I also purchased a "Com-Pilot" that is sold by Phonak. This device connects to your TV and distributes sound directly to your hearing aids via Bluetooth streaming. The device is relatively inexpensive and the results are phenomenal. I can watch and listen to a ball game while the sound is muted on the TV. I hear everything while my wife hears nothing. If you are in the need for hearing aids you most certainly will not go wrong by visiting Dr. Angelina and Rose. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate them an eleven!!
Steve H.
Cherokee, NC

Danicka Huskey, 11/24/2019

I have been a patient for 3 years and am very pleased with the service I receive. Dr. Angelina and her staff are knowledgeable and obviously enjoy what they do. Dr. Angelina carries many different brands of hearing aids and will work with you to find not only what is appropriate and comfortable but also fits your budget. She takes time to answer questions and doesn't rush or pressure you to get supplies exclusively from her.
I have recently learned that WNC Hearing and Audiology has provided the hearing loop capability for Diana Wortham Theatre. What a great community service that is!
I feel that I am in good hands with WNC Hearing and Audiology and would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering getting hearing aids but not sure where to start or which business to select.

Wendy Bell, 10/26/2019

Dr. Angelina gave me my hearing back. I am no longer isolated and left out! She, and her staff, made it so easy to do. I had previously had "over the counter" hearing enhancers, which are less expensive but do not compare with these. I was always checking to see if the over the counter ones were in my ear and I did eventually lost them. The Unitron are connected with my phone and my television. I can hear everything and everyone. They are not as loose as they fit perfectly. Worth every penny!!

Deb Baldwin, 09/28/2019

Very nice and professional staff! You can tell the staff is very passionate about what they do.
10/10 would do again.

Jonathon Roberts, 07/27/2019

Dr. Angelina and her staff were outstanding -- knowledgeable, courteous, attentive, and friendly. Although I had been wearing hearing aids for a number of years, after a few adjustments and changes in her office I drove home and was able to hear the turn signal "clicks" for the first time in years! I never felt rushed or pressured. Highly recommended!

Village Craftsmen, 03/31/2019

Dr. Angelina was so compassionate. She went above and beyond to help me be able to get the hearing aid I so desperately needed. It was an unexpected and much-appreciated blessing in my life. I can't believe how different it is to actually hear everything, and not constantly have to ask people to repeat themselves. Thank you so very much, Dr. Lisa. I will keep you and your practice in my prayers. Sincerely, Robin Clouse

Robin Clouse, 03/24/2019

Dr. Angelina was amazing! She took her time and helped us to feel like we could ask questions. Very professional staff. Thank you for your time!

Laurie Perry, 03/17/2019

Dr. Angelina is pleasant, thorough, and I am completely satisfied with the care I received at WNC Hearing and Audiology.

Lorraine Potkul, 03/16/2019

Dr. Angelina is kind, patient, understanding and knowledgeable. I wasn't sure if I needed help but hearing aids were recommended and Dr. Angelina put me at ease about getting them. I walked out of her office with a great pair feeling really good about them. I was truly missing a lot. I love being able to listen to a phone conversation, music and car directions through my new hearing aids. I really appreciate Dr. Angelina and highly recommend her. She's the best!

Brandy Sacks, 03/25/2018

Providing Compassionate Care for Hearing Loss Treatment