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Insurance Information

At WNC Audiology, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional care for your hearing loss, and we want to help you understand what might be covered by your insurance plan. Let our office verify your insurance as it pertains to your hearing and audiological services.

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Details About Insurance Coverage at Our Practice

Insurance can be tricky when it comes to hearing loss. Your plan may cover certain treatment options but not others. When you seek professional care at WNC Audiology, we’ll help you navigate the details of your insurance plan to ensure we keep the services you need affordable. A few important details about handling insurance at our practice are as follows:

Important Details About Handling Insurance at Our Practice

Email Us Your Insurance and Benefit Information

To verify any benefits and insurance, we invite you to email us your insurance and benefit information. We’ll let you know what services are covered by your plan and help you decide which treatments and devices fit within your hearing loss needs and personal budget.

If You Are a Patient With Medicare

If you are a patient with Medicare, your PCP (primary care physician) may decide to send us a referral to request a hearing test on your behalf. If they decide to do so, they can fax that referral directly to our office at 828-417-3467. For patients who do not have a referral from their PCP, the cost of a hearing test will be the patient’s responsibility because Medicare will not cover it

ASL-Capable Hearing Specialists at Your Service

Once we’ve verified the benefits of your insurance, WNC Audiology will schedule care for your hearing loss with one of our highly trained and caring doctors of audiology. We’re an ASL (American Sign Language)-capable practice to ensure communication for patients who sign, and we wish to help patients of all severities get back their best possible hearing for a happy life.

Providing Compassionate Care for Hearing Loss Treatment