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Your Journey Begins

After an audiological evaluation determines a need for hearing aids, your journey begins with a consultation. It is not just about buying hearing aids. Included in your consultation is Speech-in-Noise testing to determine how well you can hear and understand in background noise and the Acceptable Noise Level (ANL) Test to determine your sensitivity to loud sounds. It also will include the review of several questionnaires to help us to understand your specific hearing and communication needs. We will assess your ability to use and care for your new hearing devices. We will make a recommendation as to which hearing devices are best matched to your needs and go over the features and benefits of them. The consultation fee is $250.00.

Adjusting a hearing aid for an elderly woman

Continuing the Journey at Home

During your consultation, if you qualify, you may have a demonstration of hearing aids in the office and possibly go home with a trial pair of hearing aids. We will schedule you a follow up appointment to go over questions and make any fine tune adjustments or modifications, if needed. We will also schedule you a fitting appointment where we will go over the final orientation of the use and care of your instruments. The care continues with homework for auditory training and aural rehabilitation.

Your Part in the Journey

You may not have thought of this, but just as diabetes, weight management, arthritis and heart disease are chronic conditions that must be managed, hearing loss is also a chronic condition that must be addressed and managed by you and your healthcare team. We are happy to be a part of your team and offer you Aural Rehabilitation which is like Hearing Rehabilitation Coaching. We will help you through the adaptation and adjustment to wearing hearing aids and help you to manage the care and cleaning of them. Your brain goes through many changes when introduced to new sounds. We can help you through these changes.


We may recommend that you make some changes to address any stress you may be experiencing and offer you wellness options like communication strategies for you and your loved ones to help reduce the stress caused by misunderstandings. Meditation, yoga, and exercise can also help to manage stress and improve your overall well-being.


Various hearing technologies are available to help you in your daily life. Even with hearing aids, some of our patients have difficulty in very challenging environments. That’s where assistive listening devices and accessories come in. With these devices, you can connect with your Smartphone, television, live theater, and place of worship. You’ll hear better at your religious service, while watching your favorite shows, and be able to better connect with the people in your book club, meetings, at work and in restaurants.

Working With a Professional

Working with a hearing professional can benefit your ability to manage your hearing loss with proven methods. You can engage with an auditory training specialist in face-to-face coaching. These specialists include us, audiologists, but also, speech and language pathologists. There are also many smartphone apps to help your auditory training at home.

Start Rehabilitation at WNC Audiology

Your daily quality of life is one of our biggest concerns at WNC Audiology, and we strive to help you manage your hearing and comprehension to enjoy your activities. Through aural rehabilitation, we’ll help you regain your confidence to tackle everyday situations and care for your hearing loss.

Providing Compassionate Care for Hearing Loss Treatment