• Dr. Lisa Angelina, Au.D.

Siemens Introduces The Smart Hearing Aid

At the 2015 International CES, Siemens unveiled smart hearing aids (and they’ve sure generated a lot of attention! Click here to view the press coverage).

So what makes a hearing aid “smart”?

  • Highly intelligent. They’re the only hearing aids clinically proven to deliver better than normal hearing places like busy restaurants and cocktail parties.*

  • The ability to adapt. Whether you are driving a car, playing golf in the wind, at a concert or restaurant, our smart hearing aids automatically detect and adapt to that environment. No manual adjustments required.

  • Interactive. Smart hearing aids work with both iOS and Android™ devices, transforming hearing aids into your own high-definition personal headset.

Highly intelligent, adaptable, intuitive, and interactive. Now that’s smart hearing!

*Two independent clinical studies have shown that Siemens hearing instruments with binaural processing provide better than normal hearing capabilities in certain demanding listening environments.