Preparing For Your Appointment

You've made an important decision to have your hearing assessed. Hearing loss is one of the most common health problems, as well as one of the most ignored. The great news is that there are many things that can be done to manage and improve hearing difficulties. Research shows that when hearing improves, people also enjoy vast improvements in their social, emotional, psychological, and physical well being.

Patient Information and Insurance

To minimze wait time and paper waste, please take a moment to fill out our Online Intake Form. This will allow you to avoid filling out paperwork in the office. You may also download and print off the paperwork here.

If you would like to verify your insurance coverage and any benefits you may have, you are welcomed to email us with your information. Please click here for details. 

If you have MEDICARE, your primary care physician may decide to send a referral on your behalf requesting a hearing test and can fax the referral to our office at 828-259-9468. Without a referral, Medicare may not cover a hearing test and it will be the patient's responsibility to pay for the cost of the hearing test.

Consider Your Hearing

It is likely that you have noticed a difference in your hearing. Take the time leading up to your appointment to consider some specifics. Do you find yourself struggling to hear in a crowd? Do you have trouble hearing the TV? Are there things you would like to hear better? Have you found yourself straining to understand conversations?

Bring A Friend or Family Member

Bringing a family member or friend is very helpful during your appointment. They can help to provide their observations, note important details, and help with instruction. There is a lot of information given during your appointment and it's always nice to have two pairs of ears and support from those close to you.

In order to verify your insurance coverage and benefits we will need:

1. The patient's full name and date of birth.

2. If using a parent, guardian, or spouse's insurance, we will also need the full name and date of birth of the policy holder.

3. The Member ID Number. If you are having trouble locating your Member ID number, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you. 

4. If you have more than one insurance plan, we will need all the above information for both plans. 

5. You may email us at with this information, or call the office at 828-252-1860.